Can I meet my helpr before the booking?

Helprs are introduced to you by photo, video, and profile on the Helpr app. If your phone is on silent, vibrate only, or any form of Do Not Disturb, the video audio won't work. The ringer volume needs to be on as well as the media volume.

Helpr sitters are interviewed and extensively vetted before joining Helpr*. If you’d like to meet your Helpr sitter before your booking starts, we recommend booking your Helpr sitter at least an additional 15 minutes before you need to head out.

If you’d like, you can request a Helpr network sitter for an interview or trial run to get to know them. Interviews and trial runs will need to be booked as regular Helpr bookings and must be a minimum of 4 hours. You can add details regarding the nature of the request in the “other notes” section of your request. Helpr sitters are independent contractors so their availability can’t be guaranteed.

Read about how we screen Helpr sitters here!